The Apiculture, named after the family business "Ktima Stamatiou", is established in 1953, and now located in Skopelos.

Its aim is the production of qualitative bio honey under the firm name of "Bio Honey of Skopelos". Also the production of pollen , royal jelly, propolis and beehives in the heart of the forest of the island of Skopelos gives a further importance to its aim. From father to son, “Ktima Stamatiou” at Skopelos, contributes not only to the development of local community and local economy but also to the conservation of ecological balance.

"Ktima Stamatiou" operates a luxurious certified beekeeper workshop which works on quality management system, where seasonal honey is produced and packed, directly from the production, ready to be consumed. Today, it has on its disposal the whole production in the local, national and european market at highly competitive prices.

The main comparative advantage of "Ktima Stamatiou" products in production and marketing level is that the mild management of bees is followed by the traditional philosophy of beekeeping practice. On the other hand, as far as the packaging is concerned, it is organized by the most modern methods of standardization giving special respect to the final product.