• Bio-Honey of Skopelos (bio Honey Skopelos)

  • Bio-Honey of Skopelos with dried fruit

    Honey with walnut, hazelnut, almond, pistachio, pine cone.
  • Bio-Honey of Skopelos with walnuts

  • Bio-Honey with honeycomb

  • Pollen

  • Royal Jelly, Beeswax, Propolis

  • Wax-Ointment with olive oil, Wax-Ointment with balsam oil



Transferred and packed directly from the most modern facilities workshop to "Ktima Stamatiou" with quality assurance system, so that the unique taste and perfume can be preserved which both of them give special characteristics to this special product. At this stage the wax-cover that bees have placed, which also covers the honey, is being removed. Then the casings which include honeycomb are placed into centrifuges machines in order to produce honey

Honey is macroscopically cleaned so that other elements like wax can be held together. Afterwards, it is placed into stainless steal bins ready to be packed. Jars-Bottles made of glass are placed upside down into special cases, washed and sterilized in 90oC for two(2) hours so that can be ready for use.

After each jar is filled and weighted under absolute cleanliness and pasteurization conditions, a cap, a security thread, the label with the name and the characteristics of the product on it, the barcode label and the consumption date are put and finally closed into a paper box. This paper box is closed and transferred to the place where the final products are. From now on each package is loaded into professional vehicles and delivered in retail stores according to all required specifications and conditions.